The pain I experienced was greatly decreased and the range of pain free motion I had in my knees increased with each treatment.
Karl, Berkeley

Did you know?

Surgery was considered a sign of an inferior doctor. If the doctor maintained their patient’s health, surgery would not have been necessary.

Conditions Treated

Sung KimSung Kim specializes in chronic pain conditions such as Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS), fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and sciatica. These pain conditions are by no means an exhaustive list. Although western medicine has very distinct diagnoses for those conditions, Chinese Medicine views these diseases in a similar light. Almost any pain condition is something that can be improved and hopefully eliminated.

Susan KoSusan Ko specializes in treating chronic health conditions, stress disorders, women’s health concerns and infertility (both men and women). She had the privilege of interning and working extensively for Dr. Lifang Liang, one of the foremost Chinese Medicine gynecology and infertility specialists. She also brings to her practice insights and knowledge gained from a broad holistic medicine background including studies in homeopathy, naturopathy, JS human energy systems, and diet & nutrition.

Chinese Medicine can treat a wide scope of disease and not just pain syndromes. In China and other Asian countries, the medicine has been used successfully to treat many internal disorders both acute and chronic. The following is a partial list of conditions that can be addressed: